Episode 11 - Katie Daniels, Counselor and Therapist at Behavioral Transformations

Katie is currently completing her LPC licensure and serving as an ABA therapist and counselor at Behavioral Transformations, an ABA clinic located in Rockwall and Rowlett (Texas). She also served children in the foster care system before beginning to support individuals with autism. Katie is a mother of four, previously worked in a public elementary school (in a variety of positions), and she is striving to support individuals with autism by using her gifts, experience, and education.
Katie mentions the following resources/terms in her episode:

-  The Bair Foundation https://www.bair.org/
-  Behavioral Transformations (Angie Klutts) http://www.btrockwall.com/
-  ABA (Applied Behavior Analysis)
-  Social Stories
-  PPCD (Preschool Program for Children with Disabilities)
-  Generalizing across settings

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